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Sex Therapy

What is Psychosexual Therapy or commonly known as sex therapy?

In a nut shell, Psychosexual therapy explores difficulties with sex and relationships that individuals and couples have.

Therapy is offered for individuals and couples and seeks to explore social, behavioural, psychological, physiological factors that may be affecting you.

Here are some of the sexual dysfunctions that people commonly face:

• Lack of sexual desire.
• Pain during sex.
• Erectile difficulties.
• Premature/Delayed ejaculation
• Difficulties with orgasm.
In some cases, the very thought of sex might be fearful.

Remember this can happen at any time in an individual and couple life!

Though the word 'dysfunction' can seem scary for some people or simply makes you feel as if you are 'broken' - therapy is used to get to the heart of an issue. It may well be a way of making you feel empowered and confident about your particular issue. Remember this is all done in a confidential and non judgemental environment.

Perhaps you have been experiencing the following feelings or wanting answers to the following questions:

‘I’ve suddenly lost all interest in having sex’

‘Our relationship has changed so much since the birth of child’

‘I ejaculate before I like too'

‘Sex is just so painful, is it always meant to be that painful?’

‘I never seem to have a orgasm, is there something wrong with me?’

Other areas that therapy cover : addictions, obsessions and sexual orientation.


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