Manolee Yadave
Sex and Relationship Therapist

Couples Relationship Counselling

We live in society that puts a lot of pressure on individuals and couples. Pressure at work, financial difficulties, problems with your family often play a part in these pressures.

It goes without saying that relationships are not always easy and often go through different stages. They do have to be worked at!

Couples therapy looks to explore a number of common issues that affect relationships between people such as:

. Sexual diffculties
. Communication
. Reconnection
. Jealously and trust issues
. Recovering after an affair
. Other life events that can have an affect on your relationship.

Therapy is designed to explore these issues and work through them with a number of theraputic methods. Each couple is different and therapy does not work as a 'one size fits all' package. What we will try and explore during therapy are the issues that you and your partner face, why they occur and ways in which they can be dealt with.

It must be stressed that not everybody will be able to reconnect. Sometimes separation may be the best option. In this case, a joint effort by all parties is needed. As a facilitator I will always try to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.


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